“[…] or, when saxophonist Sha steps out, like an acoustic version of Weather Report riffing off the theme to The Twilight Zone.”

Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal

“His sax offers up soaring notes of purest silver.”

Sid Smith,

“Looking like an off-duty paratrooper with his khaki combat trousers bloused into his boots, reed player, Sha, provides a sinuous connective tissue with Bartsch or Meyer’s melodic lines, that seems comprised of parping slaps and guttural rasps on the contrabass clarinet which provide a form of rhythmic ping-pong. Occasionally, or soaring, sustained alto sax notes are carefully deployed sending ripples across the surface. ”

Sid Smith,

“He wails in on alto sax, like a banshee trying to charm a cobra.”
Dan McClenaghan,

“Sha tritt mit seinen Soli wie ein Krieger aus dem Schatten hervor.“
Pirmin Bosshard, NLZ

“Sha’s bass clarinet haloed everything in mysterious ambient soundwashes“
Stuart Nicholson, The Observer

“Sha takes alto saxophone solos of the most outspoken sort.“
Nils Jacobson,

“Whenever the monosyllabically named Sha steps into the spotlight, the reed player evokes the modal improvisations of musicians like John Coltrane and Jan Garbarek.”
Brent Burton, Washington City Paper